RF detectors can signal track CCTV cameras by detecting the cameras radio frequency and is Re-purposed for paranormal research. This is an amazing bit of kit as it’s great for detecting stray RF (radio frequency) signal when on an investigation to simply rule out any contamination that may be affecting your equipment. The RF detector features long-range detection capabilities, vibration, audible and LED measurement for signal strength. A filtered lens with 6 Red laser LEDs with stroboscopic light pulses which offers new opportunities for investigations while an embedded compass allows for better tracking of signal source (Natural RF or Unexplained RF+EMF) This unit also acts as an EMF detector as the capacitive circuit is unfiltered. 

The sensitivity wheel allows the user to make it as sensitive as possible depending on the user’s circumstances and track localised anomalies and not man made RF e.g. Wi-Fi/CCTV etc. 

The unit has two different modes, the squelch which is a tone synchronised with the meters lights to demonstrate the signal strength on whatever the unit is detecting. The second is vibration which is also synchronised with the lights. The other great feature of this unit is that it comes with headphones so you don’t have to create contamination as you can listen to the signal pitch tone through the headphones. 

One of the more interesting features of this is detector is that it has 6 red LED stroboscopic lights with filtered view finder on the back which allow the user to track down digital cmos/CCTV sensors. This means it is capable of actually capturing apparitions by using the strobe light.

The unit is a made out of rubberised abs plastic to shield from all kinds of weather conditions and to protect from breaking if dropped.  

The Detector is powered by an embedded lithium-ion rechargeable battery so there is no need to rely on batteries.

When fully charged the unit has power for up to 14 to 20 hours depending on how much they are used. 


  • 5 Detection modes: 1.Laser detection, 2.Vibration (Mute) detection, 3.Beep detection, 4.LED display detection. 5. Headset
  • Wireless Sweep: frequency detection range (1MHz-6 5GHz)
  • Laser detection Camera distance of 10cm-10m (the naked eye can identify red flashing)
  • Radio detection of camera range 5cm-l0m(subject to the transmitting power of RF device)
  • Power in the 50mv-200mv detection range 30-50cm
  • Power in the 300mv-600mv detection range 100-200cm
  • Power in the 80gray-1200my detection range 300-800cm
  • Power supply: Built-in lithium polymer battery 450mAH
  • Current Consumption: 8mA
  • Self-shoot detecting wave length: 920nm
  • Receive frequency range: 1MHz-6500MHz
  • Special dedicated optical lens filters
  • Material: ABS

Package Include:

  • 1 x RF Full-frequency detector 
  • 1 x Earphone
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x User manual